When and how did the friendship day begin? kyo manaya jata hai friendship day


     Friendship Day is the biggest and special day for friends. On this day, friends celebrate each other by tying gifts and friendship band (thread of friendship) to each other. This day is even more important for them. Those who consider a friend more than themselves, for whom a friend is very important in their life. 

    There are many people who have a best friend in their life. Who is special among all his friends, then the day of friendship day is very special for those friends. On this day, he makes this moment memorable by giving a gift to his best friend or doing something special for him. And swear by a never-ending friendship.

    This day of friendship is celebrated with pomp across the world. But do you know why this day is celebrated after all? And how it started. So today we are telling you the complete information about the history of Friendship Day.

Friendship day kyo aur kab se manaya jaa raha hai.

   It is believed that in 1935, on the first Sunday of August in America, such a person was killed by the American government. Anyone who had done no wrong was completely innocent. The innocent man had a friend who could not bear the pain of his death. And he committed suicide by sacrificing his life in memory of his friend. After this, the first proposal of celebrating international friendship day in the whole world was proposed by South American people in front of America's government. But for the moment this demand was not accepted. 
     And the public's anger increased. There was an atmosphere of anger among the people. Which lasted for many years. Ultimately, this proposal had to be approved by the US government and after 21 years, 1958, it was announced to celebrate the first Sunday of the month of agust in the whole world. And in this way, on the first Sunday of August every year, Friendship Day was celebrated all over the world.

   The second reason says that after the First World War, there was an atmosphere of mutual enmity and hatred between different countries and people of the world. So to resolve all these differences and start a new life among the people, it was announced to celebrate Friendship Day. Which was declared by the US government on 1935 and decided to celebrate the first Sunday of August every year.

  Nothing is more than friendship for any human being. Nothing is wrong or right for a friend. Just his friendship matters to a friend. Once upon a time your blood relations can leave you, but a friend will never leave you.

   Friendship Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of August. This year too, this special day will be celebrated on 4 August. We celebrate these days in great way with our friends. The practice of celebrating Friendship Day started from the western countries.

   But, in India too, it has been gaining popularity among the youth for the last few years. On this day people greet each other on greeting cards, social media. But have you ever wondered when and how this day started.

   Who would have celebrated this day as a friendship first. So let's know when Friendship Day started. This day was started by a businessman in the year 1930. This merchant, named Joe Hall, held a day where all friends would celebrate with each other and give cards among themselves.

  To commemorate this special day, the day of August 2 was fixed. In many countries of Europe and Asia, this tradition was carried forward and celebrated Friendship Day. If you also want to strengthen your friendship relationship, then definitely know about the good and bad habits of your friend. Doing this will never break your friendship.

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