Best Sadness Quotes

1. "Life goes through alone!
      People give consolations but not together !!

2. "Thought I'd build a house and sit in peace!"
      But the necessities of the house made the traveler !! "

3. "Remember the things you forget!"
       That's why there is a dispute in life !! "

4. "This phase will pass even if you have patience!
      When happiness does not stop then what is the value of sorrow
      is !!"

5. "If you change your face, no problem!"
      If the lehenge was changed then there would have been a lot of trouble
      is !"

6. "Too much ruins inside!
      Asses that don't fall from the eyes !! "

7. "It is so easy to hurt someone
      As much as throwing stones in the sea!
      But no one knows how much
      It must have gone deep !! "

8. "In life, floors are found!
      But those people do not get what they want from the heart
      Ho !"'

9. "Tears of a Little Child and Grew in Love"
     Tears are the same thing!
     Both know where the pain is but someone
     Can't tell !! "
10. "The tears have no weight!"
        But when it gets out, the mind gets lighter !!

11. "If you want to be, then become someone's pain medicine!
        Every person is injured !! "

12. "There is a way into the heart, but knowing
        Not of
        So whoever goes breaks
        is !!"

13. "When beautiful people break someone's heart!"
        We were forced to say with great innocence !!

14. "Everyone tried to get you in!
        Just after not getting you one !!

15. "I was famous for hiding pain by laughing!"
        But no talent came when your name
        He Came !!"

16. "Get to sleep fast guys!
         Waking up overnight, not returning in love
         Come !! "

17. "Just like my love fell into a few alpazos!"
        When he said love, but he is not with you !! "

18. "What time did it turn!
        Got loved ones at the forefront of the line of gears
        We !!"

19. "People say sadness is bad whenever it comes
        Makes you cry
        But whenever we say sorrow is good
        Come learn something !! "
20. "I will be angry with you like this
        Your eyes will crave a glimpse of me !! "

21. "We did not give cleanliness thinking this!
        Even if the accusations are false but you are !!

22. "Where I Know the Cost of Pain!
        My loved ones have given me for free !! "

23. "Wow instead of my ah! I got it!"
        Who says pain doesn't sell !! "

24. "You could not read even a word of my desire!
        And I give you the book of pain everyday
        I study and sleep !! "

25. "You wait for your persecution!
        Don't know if no one can meet us without any mercy !! "

26. "Build relationships with them!
        Those who are willing to fulfill !! "

27. "Thank you for cheating!"
         You don't understand the world if you don't get it !! "

28. "This day has passed like a doom!
         Don't know what was crying about everything !! "

29. "Don't know which college I was in love with
        Degree he!
        All the promises made to me were false
        Exit !! "
30. "No one can teach me my promises
        go !
        Too tired to play !! "

31. "The one who has slept even after it is sunny!
        He definitely cried all night in your memory !! "

32. "You are more than expected!
        I thought you would break my heart
        He broke! "

33. "Those who understand pain!
         Those people never cause pain !! "

34. "I was always afraid of losing him!
        He ended this fear leaving me !! "

35. "Wherever you used to be!
        It hurts there now !! "

36. "It felt like being lonely today!
        There are many hours in a day !! "

37. "My silence makes a thousand voices!"
        But sorry you can't hear that !! "

38. "Not by explaining some things!"
        Passing on myself makes sense !! "

39. "People say you have changed me a lot!
        So now don't even the broken leaves change color !! "
40. "Never see a smiling human being jebe!"
        May the handkerchief get wet !! "

41. "Never dare to glove life
        mine !
        Listen to the chief who broke your heart
        Broke !! "

42. "He was not written in books!
         The lesson life taught me !! "

43. "Even after the efforts that cannot be fulfilled!
         Your name is also in the same desires !! "

44. "The reality of life is all we have to go!
        He is alone in pain, happiness is the time !! "

45. "Don't know which court I am a lamp of!
        Whose heart does it burns and leaves !! "

46. ​​"Whose heart hurt!
        They often cry with eyes, not hearts !! "

47. "He fired me so wet with my life
        Like paper
        Not able to write nor left to burn !! "

48. "Love only happened to me!"
        He was just a few seconds intoxicated !! "

49. "It is possible to cure the wound of body!
        But no one knows the wounds of spirit !! "

50. "Don't deal any more if you can!"
         I have lost everything in the last tommorow !! "

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