Life Changing Short Motivational Story


       A monk was camping on the shore. He would sit there all day long with a smoke and cry in between, and shout, "Whatever you want, you will be able to sleep!"

   People passing through that path considered him crazy. They would listen to him and he would listen and laugh at what he heard.

  One day an unemployed young man was going through that path. The voice of the monk's screaming also fell in his ears - "Whatever you want, you will be able to sleep!" "Whatever you want, you will be able to sleep!".

  Hearing this sentence, the young man came to the monk and started asking him, "Baba! You will be screaming for whatever you want for a long time. Can you really give me what I want to get? "

The monk said, "Yes son, but first you tell me what you want to get?"

  "Saint! I want to become a big diamond merchant one day. Can you fulfill my wish? " The young man said.

  "Absolutely son! I give you one diamond and one pearl, make as many diamonds and pearls as you want. " The monk said. The light of hope shone in the young man's eyes after listening to the monk.

   Then the monk asked him to move both his palms forward. The young man turned his palms in front of the monk. The monk first placed his hand on one of his palm and said, "Son, this is the most precious diamond in this world." This is called 'time'. Hold it firmly in your fist. Through this, you can make as many diamonds as you want. Never let it get out of your hands. "

   Then the monk put his other hand on the young man's second palm and said, "Son, this is the most precious pearl in the world. This is called patience. When the desired result is not achieved even after spending time in some work, then wear this pearl called Patience. If you have this pearl, you can get what you want in the world. "

   The young man listened carefully to the monk and thanked him and left. He got two Gurmantras of success. He decided that he would never waste his time and would always work patiently.

   After some time he started working with a big diamond merchant. For a few years, he kept learning all the tricks of the business diligently and one day became a big diamond merchant by realizing his dream with hard work and dedication.

   Learning - Always keep diamonds and pearls named 'time' and 'patience' with you to achieve the goal. Never waste your time and do not leave patienc e in   difficult   times.  Success will surely be achieved.

Why does God incarnate human? : Story of Akbar Birbal

    One day Akbar asked Birbal, "When God can do everything by his own will, why do he incarnate human beings?"

   Hearing the question, Birbal asked Akbar for some time so that he could think and answer this question properly. Akbar gave time to Birbal.

   When Birbal came towards the house after taking orders from Akbar, he saw a maid in the royal garden rolling Akbar's son on his lap. Birbal went to the maid and said, "Today King Salamat has asked me a logical question. I need your help for that right answer. "

Maid asked how she could help him.

   Birbal started explaining to him, "Listen carefully. When Emperor Salamat will come to play with his son on the banks of the pond in the evening. So, you take a walk on the banks of the pond with a cloth doll in your lap. I will hide the king's son with me. You look like you walk and walk, as if you have stumbled into your foot and you are falling. In the process, you drop the clothespin into the pond. "

   Birbal also assured the maid that she would not face any kind of trouble. So he is not afraid. After getting the assurance of Birbal, the maid happily agreed to this work.

   In the evening, Akbar reached the palace pond as he walked. At the same time, according to the maid, Birbal said, instead of Akbar's son, she was walking on the banks of the pond with a cloth bag. Suddenly he pretended to slip his feet and dropped the doll from that cloth in the pond.

  Akbar felt that his son had fallen into the pond. Akbar immediately reached the banks of the pond and jumped into the water.

   After Akbar jumped into the water, Birbal, hiding behind a nearby tree, came out. He was accompanied by the son of Akbar. He said to Akbar, "Jahanpanah, don't worry. Your son is with me and is safe. "

  Seeing this, Akbar was very angry and went out of the pond and ordered the soldiers to arrest Birbal.

  Birbal then said, "Jahanpanah!" The question you asked me in the court today. I have just given a practical answer. You have so many servants, who could have protected your son's life. Still to save your son, you jumped into the water yourself. You did this because of your love for your son. In the same way, God can also do everything by His will. Even after this, due to the love of their devotees and to protect them, they incarnate on earth with human avatar. ”

 Akbar was satisfied with Birbal's answer. He waived his sentence and was rewarded.

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