The tears of her onscreen sister Bhumika have not stopped after Sushant's death, she wrote on social media - "Everyone is here.".....

      It has been almost a week since the death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput, but the grief of his departure has not diminished. Her family members have lost their beloved son and the tears of the artists who work with her have not diminished. Sushant became immortal by playing the character of Dhoni in the film ‘MS Dhoni’. It was this film that gave a new direction to his career Chawla played the Bhumika of his sister in the film and his performance was also praised. Now the Bhumika is also not able to forget the grief of his onscreen brother Sushant’s death. In memory of Sushant, he wrote an emotional post that caught everyone’s attention.

        Bhumika shared her photo with Sushant and wrote- Dear Sushant ... where you are in the shadow of God.Why did you have to leave this world, this mystery also went with you. What a mystery that was in my mind I want to tell those who are saddened by your loss that they did not spend their time in this work - take care of yourself and take care of those close to you.

     The Bhumika is also written - teach children what they can teach Pray for yourself and for those close to you Exercise .. Be Positive Don't blame anyone Respect everyone Let the industry solve this problem on its own and don’t give people a chance to talk. Pray for it.

     Notably, the issue of nepotism has been on the rise in Bollywood since the death of Sushant Singh. Many people are coming out openly, and they say that the Sushant family has been the victim of it and that many films have been taken from him. At the time, Sushant had no godfather, so he had to suffer from nepotism. For all these reasons, Sushant Singh also committed suicide.

     In this regard, Bollywood seems to be divided into two parts. Star Kids and big stars have commented on their Instagram, while some have taken to Twitter. In addition, fans have decided to boycott Star Kids ’film. After Sushant's death, people are now demanding a change in the film and TV industry. Mumbai police are investigating the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. So far 15 statements have been recorded in the case.

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