21th June Father's Day Motivational Quotes For WhatsApp Status

Dear papa, i am a jasmine flower in a beautiful garden, but without you i will become a hibiscus.

1. Those who are destined to have father's hand on their head,
The stubbornness is also fulfilled if the father is with him.

2. You are my love,
You are my best friend
Who fulfills every wish,
Father, you are more than God

3. So much in my world today,
Wealth is fame and respect,
He is because of my father.

4. I don't know the one above
What is written in the fortune
When my father sees me smiling
I understand that my fortune is elevated.

5. Millions move in the world together,
But in all my happiness and sorrow,
He is with me is my father.

6. I accept every wish I have
Because my father is always with me.

7. Not a single moment is lost without them,
The father is his partner
Father is the support
Father is the box of happiness.

8. Family dare
And believe it,
Expectation and hope
The identity is my father.

9. What gift should I give my father today,
Give gifts of flowers or roses necklaces,
The sweetest in our life,
I should give my life to them.

10. What should I hide from them,
My laugh is happiness they all know,
He is my father
Those who know me better than me.

11. In the morning before I wake up,
After I slept, I came home
Working all day and night
Who brings happiness home, my father is mine.

12. We taught him to walk with a finger
Let me sleep peacefully
I laughed to hide my tears,
Do not give any sorrow to God,
Take the love that we once made them cry…

13. The most precious gift given by God…
Nothing else but my father, you are.

14. The floor is far away and the journey is very
Short life care is enough
When would this world kill us
But "Papa" has a lot of effect in love

15. If I go the way,
Show me the way again
I will need you every step of the way,
No, my father wants someone better than you

16. my father laughs laugh
Bring happiness to me my father
When i get angry
So my dear father
Father in the doll
And my dear friend, my father

17. Have You Found Every Moment Before Your Eyes
Only you have settled in my heart
How can we live without you
No one has found a life without his own life

18. Do prayer to the heart, I will become an worship
Mother's service will become a security
Will open when your crime account,
So the mother's service will become bail

19. This world runs with money only for me
Papa was earning money

20. Papa, you were always good
I could not understand you

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