19 Sister's Motivational Quotes For Whatsapp Status

01. As both eyes are together, brother-sister relationship is special.

02. Sister's relationship is the precious relationship of nature, which if it is, all the colors in life become complete… If not there is incomplete feeling.

03. It is lucky that the sister who has the hand of the brother on her head, is with her in all the trouble… the boy quarrels and then celebrates with love, then there is so much love in this relationship.

04. If you are a big one, you will be protected from your parents, if you are small, you are hiding behind your back… if you are big, you keep money in our purse quietly, if you are small, you can withdraw money quietly.

05. I will give you every happiness in the world, I will fulfill every duty of being my brother.

06. One sister to other sister and one sister to brother, realization.

07. Oh God, the effect is so much in my prayers, my sister will always be filled.

08. If you are big, you can draw an ear on the mistake, if you are small, you are sorry for your mistake; this is how it flows.

09. Sisterly love is not less than a blessing, even if she is far away, there is no sorrow… Often relationships fade from distance, but brotherly love never diminishes.

10. When one sister gets upset, the other sister gets upset over her trouble.

11. I often miss that time, call it brother in your sweet voice.

12. We should have a sister who loves us more than herself.

13. Sometimes she fights with me, sometimes quarrels with me… but without saying, she has the skill to understand our words.

14. Sister is the life of her brothers.

15. That your morning wake me up for school, now what to do, this is the way of life.

16. When no one at home is able to understand the condition of the heart, it is the sister who understands everything.

17. I did not have the intention of doing mischief in childhood, if you were not there, then childhood would not have been so sweet.

18. I will make your every sorrow flow, I will make you cry even by crying myself.

19. Everyone says the star of flowers is my sister in a thousand.

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