30+ Docter's Day Motivational Quotes & Caption For WhatsApp Status


 I dream to become a doctor. Not because to         earn money, but to feel the happiness after         saving a life.

1. When we cry, we need our loved ones, but when we go through pain, we take medicines but when the pain becomes unbearable, we need the hope of a doctor.

2. In this world no one knows the character,
Even today, there is another God for people.

3. Your name or doctor's medicine
I get very relaxed whenever I take it.

4. Do not disturb Doctor Saheb bitterly,
Do a favor with a little love.

5. Everyone's heart is shaken by seeing the patients,
It is just a matter of the doctor who handles.

6. A doctor provides the eye to see and the cure for weakness in mankind. He is the one who can give us hope when we are in trouble. "

7. Even on the biggest disease, the doctor makes it small and then ends it with his suggestion.

8. It feels bad to express illness in front of the doctor,
Worse than that, waiting for the report in the hospital. So
it's better to stay away from illness.

9. "A doctor does not make us addicted to medicine, but gives more advice on how to stay away from medicine."

10. When doctors treat someone, first of all they work to make them mentally strong.

11. Your loving smile, your healing touch, your moist eyes and your caring voice. We remember him on this auspicious day. Thank you for always being there for us.

12. As much as the patients respect the doctor,
The doctor should respect the patient equally.

13. Quit the bad, there are too many good doctors,
Who is engaged in the service of humanity.

14. It would have been difficult without your help and support to pass my obstacles in life. People like you are real heroes. Thank you once again.

15."To love life is taught by a doctor." 

16. God could not protect everyone's life from himself, so he sent a doctor as his own on this earth.

17. I'm a brave man but have a weakness
It is also necessary to be afraid of a doctor's needle.

18. Life is lost in a doctor's studies,
And when it comes time to earn, then you see.

19. O God, do death by doing favor.
Do not bother giving disease to the poor.

20. A doctor is never meant by your caste or religion, for that all are equal.

21. A doctor is always concerned about the health of his patient.

22. His suggestions work more than a doctor's medicine.

23. Only a doctor gives us the strength to fight the disease.

24. Love should always do homeopathy,
If love is not found then the rate of getting pain is not there.

25. Doctors are the real heroes who protect our lives.

26. A doctor's smile is more effective than their medicines.

27. 50 percent of the disease is treated by the consolation of the doctor.

28. God alone cannot take care of everyone's life, that's why he has sent doctors to the earth.

29. A doctor sends a happy person back to a crying person.

30. If you are concerned about your body and health, then you are a good doctor yourself.

31. Doctors recommend not only to eat medicines but also to distance them.

32. The art of medicine flows the mind of the patient while nature dispels the disease.

33. For a doctor, it does not matter which caste or religion you are, they look at everyone with equal eyesight.

34. A doctor is constantly concerned about the health of his patient.

35. Doctors make terrible disease with their understanding and erase it from the root.

36. A good doctor gives medicine less and health advice more.

37. When we give up all the hopes of life then only the doctor has the magical art of resuming life to bring health in our life and to support us there.

38. Medicines sometimes make him sick and sometimes healed.

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