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The day I went,
Changing your way…
I promise,
Even once again
Won't see…

Today I asked the shadow,
Why do you go with me?
He also laughed and said,
Who else is with you…

His promise was also strange,
That they will carry on with life,
I did not even ask,
With love,
Or with memories ..

So much of goodness
Do not take advantage of,
Be forced to become evil ..
Remember, that becomes bad,
One who has broken down before
 becoming good!

Standing in front of the mirror by myself,
I apologized,
The most hurt his heart,
To make others happy…!

You guys just read alfajo,
 ever thought how much pain 
will be there, then these alphabets
 have come to the pen.

Will ever turn the wind. 
Thinking that the tornado did
 not change. Thinking that 
you will remember the number,
 you have not changed the number.

Can't ask about their condition even
 if they want, fear not to say that 
who gave you this title.

Leave me, you do not even get me, 
there is nothing left in me anymore,
 he just said… go away in a hurry,
 that I did not stop ..

How easily you have said, 
that just now you forget me,
I would have said in clear words
 that you should die now for a lot.

I am not in love with you anymore,
I don't need you even my life
Extinguished, now he gave the flame to his wait,
There is no calling anywhere near him

Last time, decorate your love,
Will not come back to your party again,
With a demand for his ruined love,
You will go far away from your world.

It is just crying in someone's memory,
It is worth losing so many precious tears,
If we want to cry, then for those who we have despair,
What a cry for those who have a thousand ..!

We learned to be lonely,
But you will never be happy,
Your heart still bears your distance,
But you will not be able to live without your love.

Everything about you is a story of infidelity,
But every single breath of yours is a sign of my life,
You have not understood this love of mine till date,
My tears are only water for you

"We don't want to hear the silence of 
anyone who does not even hear our noise,
Who does not want to be with us, then
 why do we go after him. "

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