Best Mathematics Application for Mobile ,Never Thought This Would Happen On A Mobile Camera !!


      Friends,  today we  are going to  tell you  about  two  of the  secret tricks of your mobile camera that you  may neve  r  know. Friends,  you never  thought  that you  could solve  the problem  of  any mathmetics with the help of your mobile camera. So we. The application we are  talking about is very expensive and a lot of usefull applications.

   You can find it in the Play Store as PHOTOMATH, then install and open it on  your  phone.  And as soon as you open it, you will see a camera option there. And then you have to scan just any math in the option like the barcode coming there and get a solution of that math right away.

     The second trick is that you don't always understand the English word .  Similarly,  not  everyone  reads the text. And they have a problem with this. So in that case, if you want to get the English out of that English word, you just need a small app called  Google Translator.

      After   downloading it  you  will  find  the  interface of the two languages ​​here. You will also be able to see a camera option where you do not have to do anything to scan any English words. And if you scratch it, you will know that English in different languages.

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