10+ International Yoga Day Quotes For Whatsapp Status

1. Yoga is beneficial for health, Yoga is beneficial for disease-free life.

2. Do yoga, get rid of diseases everyday, and live

3. Success is measured by three things. Money, fame and peace of mind. Money and fame are easy to achieve. "Peace of mind" is found only by yoga.

4. If the body and mind are not healthy, it is impossible to achieve the goal. By doing yoga, both mind and body are healthy.

5. Yoga provides energy, strength and beauty to human body, mind and soul

6. Yoga is not a religion, it is a science; it is the science of welfare, the science of youth is the science of connecting the body, mind and soul.

7. Living a Healthy Life Doing Yoga for Life Key to a disease-free life

8. Health is the greatest gift, satisfaction is the greatest wealth, both of these are found only through yoga

9. Morning or evening, do yoga everyday will not come near any of your diseases

10. "Yoga" is a philosophy of life that connects a man with his soul

11. Do whatever yoga does not touch it, become a yogi, become a holy man, make life meaningful.

12. Yoga enhances the power, meditation and productivity of our life. Yoga also stabilizes and controls the human body, mind and spirit.

13. Yoga is very amazing, it removes our health problems.
And there is also observation of ourselves.

A surgeon always advises pregnant women to practice yoga because yoga helps them stay healthy.

           Yoga Day 

Yoga is also now in business
Changing and many people
Also providing employment
Never do this about yoga
Think what you can get from yoga
What can we not achieve through yoga?

We did not have health insurance in ancient times
 But we all have yoga as such a practice

 Which without spending a single penny
  Health guarantee assures
 Yoga is possible for anyone
 Yoga is universal for anyone who really wants it…

But one in search of practical benefits

Do not approach yoga with the mind of business

Yoga day 

Yoga is not a religion but it is a science, science of welfare,
The science of youth is the science of controlling the body, 
mind and soul Yoga is not just about self-improvement,
Rather it teaches about self acceptance

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