5 Mom's Motivational Quotes For Whatsapp Status

 My mom is the goldsmith of my golden life.

1. Mother knows everything,
She knows you more than herself,
You try a lot to hide
She knows your every happiness and sorrow. … 1

2. Wakes herself up to sleep in you,
Crying herself makes you laugh,
She herself lives alone,
Always plays with you,
Mother knows everything. …2

3. When you hurt mother sighs,
When you make a mistake, you understand mother
You are the mother's beloved
When your eyes are soaked with tears,
So mother gives her face
Mother knows everything. … 3

4. He confesses his prayers,
She is a flower of motherhood,
Maybe then mother comes above God,
A true friend is called mother,
You may not have a moment for that,
His every moment is every moment for you,
Mother knows everything. … 4

5. But today I am away,
Forced myself,
I am entangled in the journey of life,
I am walking mother on the dream of your dreams
Want to keep you happy,

I know mother you know everything.

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